Welcome to EuTorrents

EuTorrents is a private BitTorrent tracker specializing in films from all part of Europe. The types of movies that can be found on the tracker include action, thriller, comedy, crime, horror, romance, documentary, etc. The majority of the movies have English subtitles and those that do not are clearly marked. (Many also have non-English subtitles available for them.)

If you had an existing account on EuTorrents.ph, please re-confirm your account on EuTorrents.to. Existing users should be able to log in with your EuTorrents.ph account.

Step 1: Try logging into your existing EuTorrents account: https://eutorrents.to/auth/login

Step 2: If your unable to log in your account/forgotten your password: https://eutorrents.to/auth/forgot

Step 3: If you have any issues accessing/re-confirming your account, visit our IRC: irc.rizon.net #avistaz OR Click here for AvistaZ Web IRChat.

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